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Is the ACLU Good for America?

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  • +12 +69 -57 Tara Apr. 28, 2011
    "The great thing about the ACLU is that they will fight for your constitutional rights whether or not you like them -- and whether or not they like you. What they defend is not one position or another, but the rights we are all guaranteed under the constitution. If we save the freedom of speech for those speakers we agree with... who decides who gets to speak?"
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    • +6 +15 -9 Keith Jan. 2, 2012
      "Show me one case where they have defended my right to carry a firearm or a right for a life to continue un-aborted. They wont even defend your precious right to free speech. Where was the ACLU when High School students were being punished for wearing the American Flag on a t-shirt?"
    • +1 +1 0 Erik L. S. May. 11, 2018
      "The problem with the ACLU is that they promote concepts that do not exist under the Constitution, like equality, the right to keep one's public activities a secret, the right to marry anyone you want, the need for more people to have more rights, the right to a certain kind of world... Despite some of its good causes, the ACLU has indoctrinated the American people into believing that it is okay to interpret the law and the Constitution the way it should read instead of how it reads."
    • -2 +3 -5 John Dackson Mar. 29, 2015
      "maybe so, but they also are trying to protect criminals who don't deserve the freedoms that America offers"
    • -5 +7 -12 William Nov. 16, 2011
      "Not true."
  • +9 +36 -27 Jerry Blanque Feb. 10, 2012
    "The ACLU is vital to America. Speech that doesn't offend needs no protection; it is the stuff that makes our blood boil that needs to be allowed to be expressed.

    The ACLU doesn't defend the 2nd amendment and they even tell you why:

    Finally, the belief that the ACLU wants to take god out of (schools, public square, etc) is laughable. The ACLU is about respect for everyone's beliefs, just as the Founding Fathers were. EVERYONE IS ALLOWED to practice their own faith (or abstain for those who don't) as long as it isn't disruptive to others. A government entity (i.e., a public school) IS NOT ALLOWED TO PROMOTE a specific religion. That means no official school prayers, religious icons, or whatever.

    I would encourage anyone who wants to live in a Theocracy to "try before you buy" BEFORE they try to destroy our Democracy. There are lots of countries that have an official religion, whose laws are based upon said religious texts and who arrest/kill/force-convert non-believers. Go live in one for a few months and see if you find it to be the utopia you imagine."
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    • +2 +2 0 Eric Aug. 8, 2016
      "Reply to comment by Mike Mopsick:
      The ACLU does indeed take cases defending the religious liberty of Christians. However the population of the United States is overwhelmingly Christian. That means it's exceedingly rare for the government to infringe against Christian liberty, and when it does happen the public outrage generally gets the issue resolved without needing a court battle. That makes such cases relatively uncommon."
    • -4 +2 -6 Mike Mopsick Jul. 23, 2012
      "So you are saying that the ACLU does not defend Christians because there is no violation of their rights ... ever?

      Maybe the ACLU does not offend you because your personal agenda aligns so neatly with theirs. You would think if they were non-partisan, the opinions of them would not follow so neatly only party lines. If you fail to see this, you aren't paying attention.

      None are so blind as those that will not see."
  • +9 +45 -36 Teri Apr. 28, 2011
    "This country is not now and was designed NEVER to be a theocracy. If your desire is for religion to be the core of our government you are forever destined to be disappointed. The ACLU staunchly defends the unambiguous constitutional separation of church and state. We are ALL safer because of this. Those who whine the loudest would be stunned to know how very much safer they REALLY are due to this protection. What if someone ELSE's god claims superiority and wants to rule the nation? Fighting because 'god is on our side' has decimated many a civilization. Keeping the gods in their places is a very sophisticated concept; elegant in its simplicity and universal value. Thank you founders and thank you ACLU!!"
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    • 0 +3 -3 Jerry Blanque Feb. 9, 2012
      ""someone" - you can find the separation of church and state in the 1st amendment.

      There is no text about the right to free speech excluding yelling "fire" in a crowded theater, yet such an act is actually not protected speech (Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969))."
    • -2 +3 -5 somone Feb. 3, 2012
      "separation of church in state is no where in the constitution. it was in a letter by Jefferson to the Church that said that government would not interfere with the church."
  • +8 +28 -20 David Nov. 23, 2012
    "Bill of Rights is by its nature unpopular - protecting minority against majority. ACLU has recognized this from their beginning and advocates nonetheless, or perhaps because. ACLU, at its best, exercises the sort of discomforting vigilance that is the price of liberty. We are fortunate to have them advocating as they do. Else we'd not long bother with those out of step with society's norms and inclined, or at least willing, to question authority."
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    • +1 +2 -1 Kent Aug. 5, 2014
      "Well said."
  • +7 +39 -32 Brock Sep. 2, 2011
    "The ACLU has defended conservatives and liberals, religious leaders and athiests, Nazis and Jews - basically they don't care who you are. They defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    People who oppose the ACLU don't understand the organization. Everyone should appreciate what the ACLU does and has done for the country.

    To oppose them is unpatriotic because you're saying you oppose the Constitution."
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    • +3 +3 0 Kent Aug. 5, 2014
      "Brock is right. I would be surprised if many of those who hate the ACLU for promoting a position that teachers can't lead a class in a Christian prayer at the start of the day in public schools would not go wild if someone chose to pray to another God, Mother Earth, or even Satan because it was their belief, and their children had to sit through it with their heads bowed and arms folded."
    • +1 +2 -1 Brock Jul. 15, 2014
      "Prove me wrong. They defend YOUR rights and you call their values propaganda. That's not fair."
    • -1 +1 -2 Roy Warden Jul. 12, 2014
      "That's their propaganda mantra."
  • +7 +47 -40 A retired soldier Apr. 28, 2011
    "I am amazed at the amount of hate that can be generated simply by a lack of complete information or uncontained passion. The issues at hand should not be decided in the throes of heated emotionalism. Many people who 'hate' the ACLU for what it does are closet bigots. Essentially what they are espousing is due process and equal rights for every person who is like them, but if someone is different, then their rights go out the window.... The ACLU approaches the Constitution pragmatically and UNEMOTIONALLY. The Bill of Rights are the same rights for every American, regardless of race, religion, sex, and as disgusting as it seems - criminal charge."
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  • +6 +33 -27 G.P. Apr. 28, 2011
    "Wow...I knew the Christian Right didn't like the ACLU...I didn't realize how vitriolic their disdain could be! That said, I go on record as approving of the ACLU, for many reasons, but primarily because they uphold the rights of all citizens based ONLY on constitutionality."

    Your god is not necessarily my god, however, the Constitution unequivacably declares my right to worship, or not worship, as I choose. With that, I am allowed to practice my religion, or lack thereof, by whatever law-abiding manner I choose. So, if I want to erect a statue of Dick Cheney in my front yard, a la the Virgin Mary, I can do so; and, worship him at a public meeting by drinking beer and smoking cigars, I can do that, too. That doesn't make me an evil person, nor does it undermine anyone else's ability to live and/or worship as they choose. Haven't our forefathers fought these battles to ensure our freedoms to think and lawfully act as we choose?"
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    • 0 +1 -1 Gail Oct. 18, 2014
      "So true!"
  • +4 +20 -16 Lewis Dec. 1, 2013
    "I am seeing a lot of negative statements about the ACLU and nothing to really back those statements up. And frankly, some of the anti ACLU comments sound absolutely nutty!! These people are the reason we need the ACLU in the first place. There are people who would love to see their religion shoved upon everyone. They complain about god being taken out of everything when it shouldn't have been there to begin with. They act as if they're victims because they're not being allowed to impede upon other people's lives with their religion. I'm glad we have the ACLU to fight for the separation of church and state."
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    • 0 0 0 Erik L. S. May. 11, 2018
      "I'll give you an example to back up my negative view of the ACLU. A few years ago, the ACLU argued publicly that the NSA metadata program/statute was unconstitutional for violating the 4th Amendment. Their arguments focused on the need for the US Supreme Court to reconsider its rulings about the 4th Amendment being inapplicable to records retained third parties (like phone records). The ACLU reasoned that reconsideration was needed based on what the government could "find about" someone who was not under suspicion.

      Later, a person with standing challenged the statute. The federal court avoided the constitutional issue, holding that the metadata statute was not as broad as the NSA proposed and instead required initial probable cause on a smaller group rather than access to every citizen.

      That is a proper way to deal with laws one does not like.
      Thus, the problem with the ACLU is not so much "what" they support, but "how" they support it. They go running to courts when they should advocate legislatively, and they try to amend the constitution through court rulings when they should try to achieve their ends by avoiding the constitution. The result is a populace that puts personal autonomy above democratic principle"
    • 0 +3 -3 Vicki May. 28, 2014
      "Your comment of God should be taken out of everything because it should not have been there in the first place. The fact that the people who started this country wanted God in everything was their right. The ACLU wanting to go against that right goes against what they are claiming to do. Keep the rights of everyone. Someone taking God out of the pledge goes against rights of a Christian. You cannot pick and choose who needs to be represented. If gays can go to Disney World and flounce around let them do it, I will not go that week and take my children. If a picture of Jesus is in a Christian school and a muslim goes there, they should not look at it. It has the right to be on the wall just like the muslim has the right to attend. If you want to worship Satan or Wicca or whatever, go ahead but taking God out of the equation is reverse discrimination. These same people who believe in abortion want to force blood transfusions on people. They let gays have a parade, Why not let straight people have a parade? Just because everyone does not agree on the same thing is what makes this a great country. People need to get over being offended and live their life. Their offense is what offends me."
  • +2 +13 -11 Gail Oct. 18, 2014
    "They ACLU fights for the rights of the average person who cannot compete with the exorbitance of wealth and power of some folks who use their influence to force their beliefs on others."
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  • +2 +9 -7 V Oct. 16, 2014
    "Yes, the ACLU is good for America in that it encourages politicians to honor the U.S. Constitution and when the ACLU wins a case everyone benefits."
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  • -2 +24 -26 Matthew Dec. 22, 2011
    "In a wash of media trying to destroy our government the ACLU has analyzed bills on how they will effect our country. They're documents on government violations on freedom for every country leaves nothing out for any of them. They defend our bill of rights and fight for everyone regardless of race, sex, creed, nationality, or other dividing factor. They are true Constitutionalists. As the far-right machine is attempting to stop people from voting the ACLU is fighting to protect our right to vote, our only defense against corporatocracy and oligarchy. It is the least hypocritical organization (except for the SPLC which ties with them) in the world. They may expose uncomfortable truths, which they do a lot, but that is necessary in defending our freedom. If it weren't for them there would be no successful defender for the bill of rights except for the SPLC. Plus, they are non-partisan and have spoken out against abuses from either side. Because of the ACLU, I am able to right this message."
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  • -5 +7 -12 Amber Jun. 3, 2016
    "The ACLU is not against religious people or practices. If anyone comes for your religious rights these are the people that will be defending you, but your religious freedom does not give you the right to infringe on the rights of others. For example, if your religion call for murder atheists, you can't do that because you are infringing on someone else's right to live. Same goes for gay marriage and teaching creation in school. They do not hate you. They are your friends until you start imposing others. It's only a double-edged sword if you use it wrong."
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  • -6 +3 -9 Carol Dec. 31, 2016
    "Americans' rights are being violated everyday. There were too many people turned away at the polls this year and our president-elect has engaged in hate speech, prejudicial commentaries, etc., so ordinary citizens now feel empowered to infringe on others' rights. We need the ACLU more than ever."
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  • -8 +2 -10 joe sheik Feb. 8, 2017
    "your country is f*****, you need help.
    impeach your embarassing nazi president and please re-educate your snarling idiot masses.

    your "dangerous left" can come to canada."
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  • -9 +19 -28 The Liberalist Mar. 1, 2012
    "In the constitution states that every person in this country is equal why should we shun those who help protect that equality?
    What sense does it make to end an organization that supports our fore father's wishes and the rights of the american people?
    What sense does it make to end organizations that help those who suffer inequality? What kind of country are we to NoT support organizations that support the rights of the constitution?
    The United stars of America is a place where 2 men can hold hands... And not be shunned. Where 2 people can get married, when they're different races. Where people can be whoever they want to be and are free to do so.
    Keep America a free nation."
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    • 0 0 0 Erik L. S. May. 11, 2018
      "I see where the Constitution gives people equality in voting and equal protection of the laws. Where exactly does the Constitution say that "every person in this country" is "equal?""
  • -10 +8 -18 Peter B Nov. 18, 2014
    "The reasons for my "pro" vote are far too many to cite. The benefits of the ACLU greatly outweigh the "cons" in terms of gravity and substance."
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  • -13 +6 -19 Mary Jun. 19, 2015
    "Someone has to protect democracy from the 1%!"
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  • -21 +9 -30 me Jan. 24, 2013
    "ACLU are gone to do what they have been doing,which is whatever they want then get on public news in front of everyones face an say the total opposite :) good day"
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  • -29 +10 -39 rachel fernny Nov. 15, 2012
    "the great thing about (aclu) is good because it shoes the right things to do..."
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CON (no) Comments (44)

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  • +46 +78 -32 Carl Jan. 30, 2012
    "If you go to the ACLU website and post a comment on an article, they monitor them in a way that if it is something they do not like, it does not get posted. How ironic is that? The organization that fights for our freedom of speech chooses what we are allowed to say on their website. hmm...."
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    • +7 +9 -2 Eric Aug. 8, 2016
      "Freedom of Speech is your right to speak free from government restraint. You sent your message to the ACLU, it is then their choice whether they want to use their servers to republish your speech.

      There are many areas where Liberals and Conservatives come in conflict. However I would think one area where we agree is that it is a privately owned web server, and they are under no obligation to pay the costs of hosting and publishing your message.

      I am sure the ACLU fully supports your right to pay for your own web server to publish your criticism of them."
    • +1 +1 0 Alan Nov. 5, 2018
      "Carl, well they posted your (negative) comment, and as of the date when I am making this post there are about twice as many comments in the negative column as in the positive column, so I don't think it is fair to say that the ACLU website does not post comments they don't like"
    • -2 +4 -6 Roy Warden Jul. 12, 2014
      "The ACLU is partisan. They ONLY support the expression of THEIR viewpoints."
    • -4 +4 -8 T.F. Ender Sep. 16, 2012
      "Yes their website not yours."
  • +26 +54 -28 Keith Jan. 2, 2012
    "The ACLU does not defend ALL rights. They have a history of only defending their own definition of "rights" and leave issues that would be considered "conservative" to twist in the wind. Thier high minded attitude does not represent an impartial defense of the constitution and the rights that it assures. The so called rights have been manufactured from whole cloth and extended to lenghts that are beyond the scope of thier purported mission."
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    • +1 +1 0 Alan Nov. 5, 2018
      "Keith, the ACLU has defended the rights of conservatives, including conservative figures such as Rush Limbaugh, George Wallace, Henry Ford, and Oliver North, and it has even been allied the National Rifle Association in at least one instance.

      If it seems that the ACLU more often oppose conservative positions then, applying Occam's razor, the simplest explanation is that it is conservative positions that are more often opposed to civil liberties."
    • 0 +3 -3 Roy Warden Jul. 12, 2014
      "The ACLU is partisan; they ONLY support the expression of Viewpoints they endorse."
    • -2 0 -2 sam May. 2, 2018
      "They are a cult"
  • +16 +60 -44 Victor Apr. 28, 2011
    "There is one simple question I would ask of the ACLU. If they have fought for the separation of church and state for these many decades, why have they not filed one single suit, or made one outcry over the use of tax payers money to install foot washing stations in Minnesota airports for Muslims? Where is their concern over the separation of church and state when it does not apply to Christians? The ACLU can pretend all it wants about being for civil liberties, it's all smoke and mirrors. The true goal of the ACLU is to remove Christian/Judean values and any notion of morality from the public square."
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    • +12 +14 -2 Jerry Blanque Feb. 10, 2012
      "A few facts for your Michael Savage story:

      1) The facilities were added without using public funds (they were financed by cap fare increases for that specific purpose)

      2) The facilities are usable by anyone for any reason -- filling buckets, washing tools, whatever. They are not restricted to people who want to wash their feet for religious reasons.

      3) The facilities are not labelled as "Islamic" (unlike the "Chapel" that exists in most--if not all--airport terminals).

      4) There is no religious display, texts, or signs in the area. The entire facility is simply a few tiled seats in front of low faucets and a drains in the floor.

      If the ACLU was all about "removing" values and morality (wow--you'll have to explain how to do that), do you think they would go after the Chapels? Oh wait, they haven't."
    • 0 +2 -2 Chloe Feb. 26, 2014
      "They target other issues besides religion, you know. It just happens that people that are religious (particularly Christians) tend to disagree with them on those issues as well, and the use the card "You are just targeting out religion!" to force their opinions out of range. I also would like you to clarify what morality is; forcing the laws of your religious book onto everyone around you, or practicing them in your life?"
    • -6 +3 -9 C. A. Jan. 1, 2013
      "You are absolutely correct when you state the true goal of the ACLU. Kudos to you for standing up for what is right. I am with you all the way!! Take God out of the picture and you have an Atheist country. Oh wow, now isn't this something to be proud of as Americans who are supposed to have freedom of speech, but who actually have no say."
  • +13 +32 -19 Russell Van Brocklin May. 1, 2012
    "By protecting the rights of the minority the rights of the majority are compromised. Although this is a complicated statement the majorities opinion and rights need to reflect the opinion of the group they make up."
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    • +3 +3 0 Eric Aug. 8, 2016
      "I voted you up, despite being on the other side. You raised an important argument. There are complicated issues. Court cases usually involve one alleged "right" conflicting with another alleged "right".

      I have looked at many ACLU cases. They generally involve the force of government vs individual liberty. We live under a constitution which specifically protects individual liberty in certain areas. A constitution which denies the government any power to infringe upon individual liberty in those areas.

      Legislators have no "right" to create a law ordering the force of government be used to do things the government is forbidden to do. Government employees who have been given governmental powers as part of their job have no "right" to use that power to do things the government is forbidden to do.

      So yes, the rights of the majority are limited. In some areas, the majority cannot use the force of government as a tool or weapon against individuals. For example students do have the right to pray in school (non-disruptively), but no one has any right to use the force of government to promote or suppress prayer by students. The majority "loses" any right to wield governmental powers to infringe upon individual religious liberty."
    • +1 +1 0 Charlie Sep. 12, 2017
      "I would disagree whole heartedly. Defending the rights of the minority is one of the most important parts of American Government. This protection takes no rights away from the majority, it simply makes sure that the majority cannot take advantage of the minority. The entire Bill of Rights is meant to protect the minority. I will quote Eric's comment; "So yes, the rights of the majority are limited. In some areas, the majority cannot use the force of government as a tool or weapon against individuals." Such beauty expressed in words. To imply that we should lay off in protecting the minority is insane and goes against all of our constitutional and moral values that make America so great."
    • 0 +1 -1 Samantha Dec. 10, 2016
      "Eric, I voted you up as well, because your comment was good. I would contend that most of the things the ACLU does are unnecessary. For example, with no laws at all, LGBT rights can be defended. I can walk into a restroom, and so long as I do not molest or hurt anyone, I have the right to be there.
      The right to bear arms is already protected, as is the right to worship. These are not individual rights needing to to be worried about, since they are granted by default. However, this last bit: "The majority loses any right to wield governmental powers to infringe upon individual religious liberty." You do realize that the religious laws were set up to be neutral, right? To neither favor state atheism nor theocracy. You have the right to worship, or not, as you please. Again, this does not need to be contested in court."
  • +8 +38 -30 Chris Jul. 28, 2011
    "I believe the ACLU is bad for America because they claim to champion civil liberties but they pick and choose which civil liberties to defend, an example being the right to an abortion. They choose not to respect life, a civil liberty, but instead to support another right in its place. For this reason, I feel that the ACLU should simply stay out of that issue or change their opinion. So long as they are involving themselves, they are dividing Americans."
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    • 0 +4 -4 Jerry Blanque Feb. 10, 2012
      "In other words, if they don't defend every civil liberty then they should be disbanded.

      Hmm. Defending everything might cost a lot of coin. You want to write a check?"
  • +7 +31 -24 Randy Jun. 9, 2011
    "I have seen some of the things that the ACLU has tried to do and I think that they are going too far in some of the things they are getting into."
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    • +6 +8 -2 Paul Sep. 17, 2011
      "How about giving a specific example of a legal position they argued that you were against!"
    • +3 +3 0 Eric Aug. 8, 2016
      "There are comments here that I disagreed with or disliked, which I avoided downvoting. I am downvoting your comment because you didn't say anything. What did the ACLU do that you claim was too far? It is disappointing to see how many votes there are on your comment - people using it as a content-free poll of whether they like the ACLU."
    • 0 0 0 Charlie Sep. 12, 2017
      "I am downvoting this. Would you please give some specifics instead of wild generalizations so that your argument is able to be understood, agreed with, or argued against. These types of arguments with no backing or specifics shun actual conversation and health debate."
  • +7 +40 -33 Ted May. 25, 2011
    "As AM Rosenthal of the New York Times once said, "The ACLU hides behind the term 'civil liberties' like a fascist hides behind the flag."

    The opposition will tell you that the ACLU will fight for "your rights." Rubbish. When was the last time you heard the ACLU defending gun owners, who clearly have a Constitutional right to their firearm. Enough said."
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    • +10 +11 -1 Paul Sep. 17, 2011
      "The ACLU defended texas gun owners in 2007, as reported by the New York Times. Enough said."
    • +1 +1 0 Alan Nov. 4, 2018
      "Regarding UCLU and gun rights, I suggest you read The ACLU's Position on Gun Control written on MARCH 26, 2018.

      It is a nuanced position. In a nutshell, the position is that some gun control measures are constitutionally objectionable, such as a proposed blanket denial of gun ownership to individuals listed on the No-Fly List because that list lacks basic due process protections and its standards are unconstitutionally vague. They support other gun control measures as being constitutionally acceptable, such as bans on bump stocks.

      By the way, here's the NRA position on bump stocks "...The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations..." which is not the same as the ALCU's position, but not too far off either."
  • +6 +12 -6 gsr Jun. 20, 2015
    "The ACLU has from its founding had the name of supporting liberty while having the deeds of limiting the liberty of those who have views contrary to their own. A most intolerant organization and a creator of hate."
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  • +6 +36 -30 Merlin Apr. 28, 2011
    "The ACLU is the most dangerous organization in America. They make safe havens for our most feared enemies. Criminals love the ACLU. They are not for the rights of the average American citizen. This organization should be abolished."
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    • +2 +2 0 Eric Aug. 8, 2016
      "I have a blessing for you.
      May you never have the misfortune of learning the difference between "criminal" and "accused"."
    • +1 +1 0 Charlie Sep. 12, 2017
      "Preach Eric. I believe that fear is at the core of most of your political judgments, Merlin. The idea of taking constitutional rights from people that you don't agree with is in conflict with every constitutional value we hold in America. The ACLU defends these people's rights because of people like you who would say that people who have "wrong" views don't deserve rights. Without this type of ignorance of the constitution there would be no need for the ACLU."
  • +4 +13 -9 Samantha Dec. 10, 2016
    "I am a LGBT person, a male-to-female transgender. You would think that I would be an ideal supporter. You would think that. However, besides the right of transgender people to live and work (and pee), which really is not a right that needs to be fought for, because in the absence of laws, this is basically what exists even without them. I have no use for their socialist meddling. I attend church and believe in God. They sent me today a official looking manila folder. I tore the inside paper up. Then I saw the folder said Do Not Bend. So I bent it several times.
    The ACLU (or as I call it, the Anti-Christian League Union) purports to promote civil rights. In actual fact, however, most of the "rights" they protect are completely unnecessary, because in a free and equal society (which we would have without them just by people standing up for themselves) these do not need to be enforced. In exchange for these "services" they try to undermine the national identity of the state, promote "globalism" and "diversity" at the expense of Christianity, sovereignty of work (not selling jobs overseas or hiring migrants at subpar wages, but employing our people), and worldwide peace (let's talk about the EU and its immigrant issues)."
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  • +4 +20 -16 David Michel Aug. 30, 2012
    "I recently tried to enlist the help of the ACLU because I was banned upon pain of arrest from Denver Public Library property for writing 2 e-mails aimed at getting the library to quit using the hackable and liberty endangering surveillance technology known as RFID. The dangers to liberty of this technology have been amply demonstrated by Katherine Albrecht in her books and websites. I did not do anything illegal in writing those letters. I did threaten to sue. It is legal to do so. I received a thugish and threatening phone call on the family voice-mail that everyone could hear and which was left by Denver Public Library security. I will be arrested if I even set foot on Denver Public Library property and I did nothing wrong or illegal. I made no threats of violence and used no profanity. I strongly and in a legal manner disagreed with library policy and attempted to change the policy. THE ACLU REFUSED TO DEFEND MY RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH!"
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    • +2 +3 -1 Gail Oct. 18, 2014
      "The ACLU's resources are limited and cannot take on every case. We all have injustices thrust upon us on a daily basis but sadly there is not enough funding to go around and assist us all. I have no affiliation with the ACLU but that may be the reason why."
  • +3 +5 -2 V Mar. 11, 2018
    "Meanwhile, the ACLU is defending the actions of MS-13 gang members, while these carachas joyfully terrorize and kill unwitting school students. Right. Way to go ACLU."
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  • +3 +25 -22 John Graham Oct. 18, 2012
    "In our society, we do not need any extremist organisations that answer to no one. The ACLU, unfortunately, despite its protests, is such an extremist organisation that the United States could well do without."
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    • +1 +1 0 Kent Aug. 5, 2014
      "Anyone who reads Thomas Paine, our founding fathers, or studies history knows how extreme the ideas and actions of these people were for the time. We should be thankful for what they did to promote our rights and allow for our liberties. We do need organizations that with zeal and courage defend the rights and liberties we have worked, and fought, and died for. Abolitionists, suffragettes, and voting rights, and integration advocates have all been branded as extremists, but would we have done better without them? I think not."
    • 0 0 0 Samantha Dec. 10, 2016
      "Kent, this can be done by passionate, law-abiding citizens. Not multinational nonprofit organizations that invent injustices more often than they solve them. Without the ACLU, the LGBT rights you enjoy today would still have been accomplished by Christian men and women, who saw loved ones as casualties of the hate. Instead we have an organization that promotes its version of justice, in expense of other justice. Currently, in this matter, the ACLU has sought to pursue heavy fines for being misgendered rather than defend the basic rights to work and live. This is out of control. I am speaking as a transwoman who realizes that all this does is create backlash."
  • +1 +1 0 David Jun. 6, 2019
    "the aclu is doing nothing short of treason. They only take on the issues of overturning not those of defending this great nation that we live in."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +5 -4 Erik S. May. 11, 2018
    "The ACLU is bad for America because it tries to subvert democratic principles, especially the constitutional amendment process, by using results-oriented arguments in constitutional questions. This is indicated in their stock phrases like "more and more rights for more and more people," "equal rights," and "what kind of world do you want to live in?" It fosters the detrimental attitude that the Constitution protects whatever one deeply cares about or needs to have to be happy (personal autonomy) instead of what the Constitution actually says it protects. Making personal autonomy the top priority in society is the primary sign of decadence, and it is what the ACLU stands for."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +6 -5 sam May. 2, 2018
    "The Aclu is a immoral CULT"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +6 -5 OLDERANWISER Feb. 21, 2017
    "A gang of ethnic twits dedicated to their ethnic dogma and twisted beliefs, their history tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth, they as a political herd have excedingly hurt America not promoted America, never support the ACLU in any way."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +15 -14 John Morgan Oct. 16, 2013
    "Ref: Position 33 re:2 nd Amendment.The posted position is obsolete and thus untrue.Recent legal scholars published in law school journals,and the USSC, agree that the 2nd Amendment establishes an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT.,contrary to the long standing ACLU's collectivist policy."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +32 -31 Anne Marie Apr. 28, 2011
    "I think the ACLU has done more damage to this country than I have seen in the 65 years I've been on this earth. They interfere with our justice system and, even though people are guilty, they manage to set them free. Pedophiles must love this organization. When I was growing up this country ran fine. What happened to make us need an organization like this?

    They want to have the cross ripped down from the desert. That cross wasn't bothering anybody and now the cross issue is in front of the Supreme Court. You have got to be kidding me! Sleazy lawyers are chomping at the bit for this job!! The ACLU should disbanded!"
    1250 characters left
    • -2 +1 -3 Diane Aug. 6, 2014
      "If I put a Nazi or satanic symbol on public land or at the local courthouse where you could see it, would that be ok with you?"
  • 0 0 0 Xss Apr. 22, 2019
    "The AcLU does. Not support religion at all. This breaks their policy of free speech."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +1 -1 Christen Feb. 23, 2019
    "ACLU is not good for America.
    ACLU is fascism. A
    tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +3 -3 Joanne S. Aug. 22, 2018
    "no, they are not interested in the safety of the US citizens, narcisstics who only care about causing division and hatred because us citizens want legal immigration and closed borders to keep us safe and strong, UCLA is not part of the Republic"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +3 -3 Scott May. 8, 2018
    "The ACUL defends illegal immigrants but they turn a blind eye on US citizens for the right to live in the United States. They are an American Civil Leftest Union and not a organization for the American people but the represent people who have no legal right to live in the United States. They don't always stand on the constitution but more of a progressive party that writes laws over the constitution on the leftest parade of democratic legislation and defend leftest Democrats and leftest judges."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +6 -6 John Feb. 3, 2017
    "Only problem with the ACLU is they are overwhelmingly in support of minorities. When choosing who to help at what time they will help a non white 95% of the time. It they truly fight for everyone then it should be equal representation close to the population breakdown"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Charlie Sep. 12, 2017
      "I believe this shows more about our society as a whole rather than the ACLU."
  • 0 +18 -18 Michael Sep. 17, 2012
    "It appears that the ACLU has the best interests of those that are not American Citizens at heart. They identify constitutional rights for those that are not bound by the consitiution. I'm trying to figure out why it would be so diffiucult to produce some sort of identification to vot in an American Election. What would be the harm. It would benefit those that are Americans by not catering to those that are not. Is something so wrtong with that? verification that a person has the right to vote. Isn't that a right of every American. Not sure that non-Americans have that right. No in fact I'm sure that Non-Americans do not possess the right to vote. So why is this such a bad idea? What American Right does it infringe upon?"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +28 -28 Kat Apr. 28, 2011
    "I think an organization who has socialism as a main goal for America is not an organization for America. It is opposed to the American beliefs. My people did not come to this country from England and Ireland to fight for this country to see it socialized. This is not the USSA-United Socialist State of America. It is the USA-United State of America."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +33 -33 Ruby Apr. 28, 2011
    "When I heard in my US Government class about ACLU I was astonished. I couldn't believe that people in this country thought like this. They have no morals and are taking things a bit too far. They use big fancy words trying to makes it seem like what they think is a positive thing for the country when they're going to destroy us if we don't do something about it to stop it. I know it's freedom of speech but the ACLU is taking things to far. Especially with supporting pedophiles. How can people with common sense think these things are ok?

    I believe 'some' things they have done have benefited about country but they are going to far. As united Americans I don't think people will let this happen for very long, I know I'm not. If we let this go on who knows what kind of things they will try to support in 10 or 20 years. This is madness and I disagree with ACLU and hope anything they try to accomplish, fails."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +11 -12 David Driggers Apr. 5, 2016
    "As a conservative i can honestly say that the aclu does more harm than good."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 +1 -1 Isaac Apr. 19, 2016
      "Keyword there is "as a conservative". The ALCU is neither "conservative" nor "liberal". They are for the rights and liberties guaranteed to ALL Americans, regardless of your political stance."
  • -1 +10 -11 sk Jun. 24, 2015
    "The ACLU should be denied tax exempt status and should be classified as a terrorist organisation - it's board of directors is composed of radical leftists who have advocated the overthrow of the government including Bill Ayers wife who still advocates a violent overthrow of the government and Muslims who have advocated Sharia law such as members of CAIR which was indicted in a Justice Department report for funding terrorism including Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt which when it came to power advocated the killing of Christians and 45 Churches burned in 45 days. They also petitioned for the destruction of a frieze of Muhammad on Capitol Hill as it hurt Muslim sentiments and a website that called for death to all Muslims, never mind the proliferating of websites that call for death to all infidels.

    to be continued..."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +12 -13 mark Aug. 17, 2014
    "the aclu is nothing more than a "jump on the bandwagon" cause for the moment whether it is morally right or wrong. More often than not they jump on a morally wrong issue and support the bad folks..but that is to be expected. I have always believed there is special place for lawyers in hell..I pray let it be so."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +7 -9 ALBERT LUCERO Jun. 13, 2015
    "They are a bunch of crooks no better than the White House, the conservatives, the Bushes, the Clintons, Congress, you are all supporters of terrorism. You are no better than ACLU, or the union, you are all crooks. You are under the wrong authority, remember God controls the universe."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +17 -19 Richard Clark May. 30, 2012
    "This country was founded on the Christian convictions of our fore-fathers. It seems the past goal of the ACLU was, as it should, for the people and by the people. Now, in this time of every man for himself, they have developed a change of heart. It seems that instead of pushing for americans freedoms and staying true to the constitution of the United States, they have closed many of the freedoms on account of offensiveness. It seems that we have become at the mercy of their choosing. I have hope, though, that they will return to their founding stance to defend the rights of everyone that is a partaker of this wonderful country."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +24 -26 Daniel Feb. 17, 2012
    "Because they're radical liberal extremists who won't let us kill people who deserve to die. If they're all about freedom, let me say this to them: I'd like the freedom to not have to worry about getting murdered by someone that the ACLU set free by feeding us some rhetoric about how the death penalty is immoral. Also I think the unborn would like the freedom to have a life."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +28 -30 Terri Apr. 28, 2011
    "There's not too many things in this world that I despise more than the ACLU. Critical thought by anyone with even a partial brain can see that the ACLU's mission is to topple this country of ours. The crumbling of the USA has begun thanks to this ignorant organization that somehow works to impose the beliefs of 5-10% of the population onto the entire society. The organization has been successful at making a mockery of the ideals of this country. While ACLU attorneys get rich, we all lose in the end. The ACLU should be ashamed of themselves and so should those that support its cause."
    1250 characters left
    • +3 +4 -1 Kent Aug. 6, 2014
      "It is not the beliefs of the minority that the ACLU defend, it is the rights that we all are entitled to regardless of what belief they may hold. The mission of the ACLU is not to topple this country, to the contrary it is to protect the rights guaranteed in the constitution from a sometimes opressive majority."
  • -3 +4 -7 carly Feb. 23, 2017
    "kill me nokia is better"
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  • -3 +12 -15 Jeff Sep. 26, 2014
    "majority of agendas supported by the aclu conflict with my views/beliefs/stances. I view the aclu as my enemy!"
    1250 characters left
    • -1 0 -1 Erik Bowers Mar. 18, 2015
      "right on my middle class white american male"
  • -3 +25 -28 Ed, a Marine Mar. 4, 2012
    "Bad for America and its preservation. The ACLU has made socialism one of its main goals for our country.....and this is not an organization for America or "We The People".

    "In God We Trust".....beware of the ACLU."
    1250 characters left
  • -4 +10 -14 Lisa May. 10, 2016
    "Whenever the presence of a religious emblem on public property is being challenged, odds are, the argument is being made by the ACLU. Their aim is to get rid of Christianity."
    1250 characters left
    • +4 +4 0 Eric Aug. 8, 2016
      "Lisa, if a group of Hindus move into your town, if they elect themselves to the town government, if they collect extra tax dollars from you to buy Hindu emblems and put them on government buildings and town property, and the phone rings and it's the ACLU offering you a free lawyer... what will you say?"
    • +1 +1 0 Renee Jan. 22, 2017
      "no, it's to get rid of Christianity where it doesn't belong, government buildings. Unless you're ok with an Islamic statue in ta state building?"
  • -6 +7 -13 Roy Warden Jul. 12, 2014
    "HOW can the ACLU Claim to Support Free Speech When the Organization Adopts a Partisan Viewpoint?"
    1250 characters left
    • +3 +3 0 Kent Aug. 5, 2014
      "It is true that their strong support of free speech is a cause and therefore by definition partisan, but what other viewpoint would any reasonable person propose. Thank GOD or just your lucky stars, that I can speak freely even when my views are unpopular in large part because of the foresight of our partisan founding fathers, and the ACLU's defense of the Bill of Rights."
  • -6 +10 -16 Court Jan. 24, 2013
    "Absolutely NOT,first off NSL(national security letters)is like taking candy from a baby.Allows FBI to obtain any sensitive personal records without court order?just as simple as requseted..

    Religion-GoD is Love An love is God, thats just another way to seperate the world,

    abortion-who made these laws up? someone who wants to see clash? someone bitter? is it someone who is angery? i mean who wants that much control over billions of lives? A weirdo that was not born yesterday"
    1250 characters left
  • -7 +13 -20 Jan. 1, 2013
    "I will NEVER support the ACLU!!! Of course this comment will never get posted; I would be a fool to think otherwise, because I don't think like you nor do I brainwash people into thinking that it is OK to take GOD out of our life. Shame on you, may all who support the ACLU rot in hell for taking GOD out of the schools and work place. Whatever happened to freedom of speech. Morons have more rights than good and decent people do."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +2 -1 Austin Sep. 11, 2014
      "Ya preach that hate!!! Make Jesus proud!!! He died so you could hate diversity and sin!!!! Not like he preached a message of love and understanding for your brothers and sisters. No way!!! hate is God!! Empathy and understanding is the Devil!!!"
    • 0 +2 -2 AR Mar. 4, 2016
      "You can worship God however and whenever you like, since you have the freedom of religion. But when you force your religion onto others in public places such as school and work, you are infringing on their freedom of religion."
  • -10 +31 -41 Pam Apr. 28, 2011
    "The ACLU is nothing but a bunch of communists whose goal is to destroy America and Christianity. They are on the same level as terrorists. Separation of church and state was formed so that a government could not dictate one specific religion to it's people. The ACLU have twisted it's meaning and use every opportunity to destroy anything to do with God. They should join up with Bin Laden, or have they already?"
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +5 -3 Marina Oct. 22, 2011
      "It is sad that people instead of talking to each other, I mean people with different point of view choose talk to the crowd that supports their opinions only. My choice of religion is none, and this choice is protected by the Constitution as well. I as an atheist may not want my child to recite every day: One nation under God. I am NOT a communist because of it. My references are different, that's all."
  • -12 +10 -22 Owen Calhoun Jan. 9, 2014
    "Is the ACLU good for America? Not if it takes away what Americans have had and lived by all of their lives. Their religious beliefs are being erased and they will be replaced by the religion of those coming into the country with their own form of religion which is not that of Americans. Remove the religion that Americans live by and it will get replaced by those who are not and never will be Americans. Protect Americans but not from themselves. Hang on to the beliefs of all Americans and protect Americans from those who would come here to change them to their way of thinking!"
    1250 characters left
    • +4 +4 0 Kent Aug. 5, 2014
      "So if you are here first you have a right to practice your religion, but come later you are out of luck Charlie? I would hope the beliefs of all Americans could be that you can believe and practice your belief according to the dictates of your own conscience without having guys like this thinking that only those that agree with him are the only true Americans. ."
    • +2 +2 0 Eric Aug. 8, 2016
      "Let's assume for a moment that we all agree. I would be fascinated to hear your plan for dealing with the Jews.

      I'm also curious whether I qualify as American, by your standards. You know, that whole bit about "those who are not and never will be Americans". My grandparents came to America from Germany. It's a bit of a sad story though. Half of my family tree died there."
  • -22 +18 -40 Gordon Jun. 11, 2011
    "Another Confused Lie Unfolds..."
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