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“In addition to bilateral and multilateral relationships, we will engage with citizens and civil society organizations at home and abroad. We will work with U.S. nongovernmental organizations, institutions of higher learning, and private sector partners who share our objectives and help leverage our resources. Providing vital links to the American people and to counterpart organizations and institutions overseas, our U.S. partners help represent the best in America’s technical, humanitarian, and management skills. We will support programs that encourage broad-based participation and civil society development as the foundation for democracy and good governance, economic growth and free enterprise, sound environmental stewardship, and quality education and healthcare.”

“About State,” (accessed Nov. 12, 2007)


“In the coming years, the principal aims of the Department of State and USAID are clear. These aims are anchored in the President’s National Security Strategy and its three underlying and interdependent components – diplomacy, development, and defense.”

“About State,” (accessed Nov. 12, 2007)

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