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Con to the question "Is the ACLU Good for America?"

“…[I]t sounds like I’m beating a dead horse each time I say we need to get rid of the ACLU but I will say it again, we must do so. I am sick and damn tired of this organization challenging every law they don’t like that our elected officials put in place. And let me be on the record once again saying this: the ACLU must be removed from America and its agenda extinguished from our midst.”

“Time to Vote Out the ACLU,”, Jan. 10, 2008


“We are a group of likeminded folks that think the ACLU are doing much more harm than good to America. We hope to influence and inform people of the ACLU’s dangerous agenda.

At this time we are not a tax exempt organization, just a loose affiliation of folks trying to start a grassroots awareness campaign. We do petitions, and other citizen organization efforts from time to time. Any donation will go towards furthering our educational campaign to inform the public of the dangers of the ACLU.”

“About Us,”, Nov. 14, 2007


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