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Philip Paulson, MS Biography

Atheist and Vietnam War Veteran
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Recipient, Atheist in a Foxhole award, Freedom From Religious Foundation, 2006
  • In 1989, Paulson sued the City of San Diego to remove a cross from city property on top of Mt. Soledad, claiming that the cross violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Paulson won the case, but it was appealed numerous times. After his death, new plaintiffs took on the case. The Supreme Court declined to hear it in 2012.
  • Instructor of computer and business classes, National University, San Diego
  • Member, 173rd Airborne Brigade Association chapter, San Diego
  • Served in Vietnam as a Combat Paratrooper, Light Weapons Infantyman and Pointman with Company C, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade, 1966-1968
  • MS, Management of Information Systems, University of Wisconsin-Madison, year not known
  • Master’s degree, Public Administration, University of Wisconsin-Madison, year not known
  • BA, Journalism, University of Wisconsin-Madison, year not known
  • Died of liver cancer on Oct. 25, 2006
  • Enlisted in the Army at age 18 to take his brother’s place in the draft
  • Was the grandson of a Lutheran minister, but became an atheist
Quoted in:
  1. Do Religious Displays on Public Property Violate the Constitution?