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National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) Biography

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“The NRLC Board of Directors now consists of a director from each state– elected to fill the position by the state group– as well as an internally elected nine- member executive committee and officers, and three ‘at-large’ board positions. NRLC also publishes a monthly newspaper, the National Right to Life News, and has an internal Political Action Committee and Educational Trust Fund.”

“About Us,” (accessed Oct. 11, 2007)


“The ultimate goal of the National Right to Life Committee is to restore legal protection to innocent human life. The primary interest of the National Right to Life Committee and its members has been the abortion controversy; however, it is also concerned with related matters of medical ethics which relate to the right to life issues of euthanasia and infanticide. The Committee does not have a position on issues such as contraception, sex education, capital punishment, and national defense.”

“About Us,” (accessed Oct. 11, 2007)

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