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John Glenn Biography

Former US Senator (D-OH)
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Chair, Board of Director, John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy, Ohio State University, 1999-present
  • US Senator (D-OH), 1974-1998
  • Payload Specialist, Space Shuttle Discovery, 1998
  • President and Member of the Board of Directors, Royal Crown International, 1965-1974
  • Test Pilot and Instructor in Advanced Flight Training, United States Marine Corps, 1942-1965
  • First American to orbit Earth, Feb. 20, 1962
  • Selected as one of the original Seven Mercury Astronauts, 1959
  • Flew 59 combat missions in the Pacific Theater of the Second World War, 1944-1945
  • Recipient, Congressional Space Medal of Honor
  • Recipient, Distinguished Flying Cross (six times)
  • Recipient, Air Medal with 18 Clusters
  • BS, Engineering, Muskingum College, 1962
  • Naval Aviation Cadet Program, 1943
  • Born July 18, 1921 in Cambridge, OH
  • Piloted the “Friendship 7” spacecraft on the first American manned orbital mission of Earth on Feb. 20, 2962.
Quoted in:
  1. Would Amending the US Constitution to Prohibit the Desecration of the US Flag Limit Free Speech?