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Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation (JAACD) Biography

Con to the question "Is the ACLU Good for America?"

“This is what we’ve come to…The secularist jihad, led by ACLU mullahs, will stop at nothing to expunge this nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage, and to prevent the government from paying tribute to the Christians who died defending America.”

Don Feder, JAACD President, July 27, 2005


“Our Board of Advisors include rabbis, academics, authors, scholars, commentators, activists, Zionist leaders and – in one case – an entertainer. We span the spectrum from Orthodox to non-observant, but are united by our determination to answer attacks on our fellow citizens of the Christian faith.”

“Who We Are,” JAACD website (accessed Oct. 17, 2007)


“Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation was organized because we recognize that Christians are the last remaining obstacle to the moral deconstruction of America, because attacks on Christians are motivated by hatred for the values they espouse.”

“Who We Are,” JAACD website (accessed Oct. 17, 2007)

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