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George H. W. Bush Biography

Former President of the United States of America
Con to the question "Is the ACLU Good for America?"

“But I don’t agree with a lot of – most of the positions of the ACLU. I simply don’t want to see the ratings on movies. I don’t want my ten year old grandchild to go into an X-rated movie. I like those ratings systems. I don’t think they’re right to try to take the tax exemption away from the Catholic Church. I don’t want to see the kiddie pornographic laws repealed; I don’t want to see ‘under God’ come out from our currency. Now, these are all positions of the ACLU. And I don’t agree with them.”

First Bush-Dukakis Presidential Debate, Sep. 25, 1988

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Board of Visitors, M.D. Anderson Hospital
  • Member, board, Episcopal Church Foundation
  • 41st President of the United States, 1989-1993
  • US Vice-President, 1981-1989
  • Director, CIA, 1976-1977
  • Chief of the US liaison office, Peking, 1974-1976
  • Chairman, Republican National Committee, 1972-1973
  • Ambassador to the United Nations, 1971-1972
  • US House of Representatives (R-TX), 1967-1971
  • Co-founder/president of Zapata Off-Shore Oil, 1954
  • Co-founded the Zapata Petroleum Corporation, 1953
  • Co-founded Bush-Overbey Oil Development Co., 1951
  • Active Duty during World War II, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals, 1942-1945
  • Economics, Phi Beta Kappa, Yale University, 1948
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