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F. LaGard Smith, JD Biography

Christian Author
Con to the question "Is the ACLU Good for America?"

“The rest of my book [ACLU: The Devil’s Advocate: The Seduction of Civil Liberties in America] chronicles the ACLU’s decline into unworthy political correctness and liberal, godless bias. The very title of the book is a play on words, pointing to the transformation from the ACLU’s noble role as Devil’s Advocate on behalf of liberty to its current shameful role as advocate for the devil in the defense of immoral, godless causes.

It can hardly be said, therefore, that I am Pro-ACLU or ‘Not Clearly Pro or Con’ to the question of whether the ACLU is good for America. Without equivocation, I am unquestionably Con on that question.”

Email to, Mar. 7, 2008

[Editor’s Note: Prior to the Con position statement made above, LaGard Smith’s position was Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question, “Is the ACLU good for America?” as indicated in his statement below.]

“The ACLU is both America’s greatest defender of civil liberties, and, at the same time, public enemy number one for defending causes that are ripping apart the very fabric of society.”

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  • Christian Author
  • Former Scholar in Residence for Christian Studies, David Lipscomb University
  • Former Professor of Law, Pepperdine University
  • Former Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law
  • Former District Attorney, Malheur County, Oregon
  • JD, Willamette University School of Law
  • BS, Willamette University
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