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Dennis Prager Biography

Radio Talk Show Host
Con to the question "Is the ACLU Good for America?"

“The ACLU and the supervisors are leftist versions of the Taliban — attempting to erase the Christian history of America just as the Muslim Taliban tried to erase the Buddhist history of Afghanistan” (accessed June 8, 2004)

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Radio Talk Show Host, 870 KRLA, Los Angeles, 1982-present
  • Teaches the Bible verse-by-verse, University of Judaism, 1992-present
  • Wrote The Prager Perspective, 1995-2000
  • Wrote and published the quarterly journal Ultimate Issue, 1985-1995
  • None found
  • Appeared on the following television shows: Larry King Live, Politically Incorrect, The Late Late Show on CBS, Rivera Live, The Early Show on CBS, Fox Family Network, The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity & Colmes and C-Span
  • Conducted a weekly interfaith dialogue on radio, with representatives of virtually every religion in the world
  • Made and starred in For Goodness Sake (1991), a video directed by David Zucker and For Goodness Sake II (1999) directed by Trey Parker
  • Produced a documentary, Israel in a Time of Terror (2002)
  • Periodically conducts classical music orchestras