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Citizens Flag Alliance (CFA) Biography

Con to the question "Is the ACLU Good for America?"

“On flag burning, the ACLU remains hypocritical… The ACLU defends flag desecration and pedophilic solicitation of our children on the Internet as ‘free speech.’ Not surprisingly, these elite typically find evil in good – patriotism for example.”

Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady, Board Chairman of CFA , 2006


“The Citizens Flag Alliance is a broad-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit, national organization, which was formed to persuade Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that would return to the American people the right to protect their flag.”

“What Is The Citizens Flag Alliance (CFA),” (accessed Nov. 8, 2007)


“Since 1994 the Citizens Flag Alliance has petitioned the Congress for the proposed amendment [prohibiting the burning of the United States flag].”

“What Is The Citizens Flag Alliance (CFA),” (accessed Nov. 8, 2007)

Quoted in:
  1. Would Amending the US Constitution to Prohibit the Desecration of the US Flag Limit Free Speech?