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American Taxpayers Party Biography

Con to the question "Is the ACLU Good for America?"

“[M]ost American Taxpayers are quite ignorant of the ACLU, it’s socialist founder Roger Baldwin, it’s communist beginnings and it’s questionable agenda through the years. It’s no wonder. They have done a superb job of not advertising who their founders were and what their real intentions were…. [H]ow have they been able to put on an air of red, white and blue while at the same time undermining everything that America really stands for?”

“ACLU,”, 2006


“The American Taxpayer party is new for the 2008 presidential election. This is a grass roots movement with absolutely no ties to big money, big business, any special interest cause or any established political party. It’s objective is to field a presidential candidate who will allow the American Taxpayers the opportunity to vote on and make the decisions on the major issues that our leaders either won’t address or can’t seem to get right these days. [We think that this is partly due to what has become known as the ‘political polarization’ in Washington, partly due to the political atmosphere that has developed over time and partly due to the corruption, crime, and greed that has obviously affected many in power.]

We believe that the American Taxpayers are now getting a good idea of what has been going on in Washington for a long time – as the two parties expose each others scandals and corruption. We also believe that the American Taxpayers are ready for real change. Though the American Taxpayer party is a political party for registration purposes, it is basically a movement of American Taxpayers (from any party) who are tired of Washington insider crime and corruption (of both parties), who are suspicious of beltway politics that put the people last and use their tax money foolishly, and who are displeased about our nation heading in a wrong direction (and realize that it only gets worse year after year no matter who we elect to be our leaders).”

“An Introduction to the American Taxpayer party,”, 2008


“We place the blame for the condition of our society and the wrong direction that our country is headed on our elected leaders – Democrat and Republican – and their poor decision making. This includes all three branches of government – the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. There’s enough blame to go around. We, the American Taxpayers, are now demanding real change – without changing our Constitution.

Since we are convinced that we will see no real change if the American Taxpayers vote as usual in the 2008 election, we plan to give them a viable option.”

“An Introduction to the American Taxpayer party,”, 2008

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