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American Jewish Committee (AJC) Biography

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“The American Jewish Committee, established in 1906 by a small group of American Jews deeply concerned about pogroms aimed at Russian Jews, determined that the best way to protect Jewish populations in danger would be to work towards a world in which all peoples were accorded respect and dignity.

Over 100 years later, AJC continues its efforts to promote pluralistic and democratic societies where all minorities are protected. AJC is an international think tank and advocacy organization that attempts to identify trends and problems early – and take action.”

“Who We Are,” (accessed Oct. 12, 2007)


“Safeguard the welfare and security of Jews in the United States, in Israel, and throughout the world.

Strengthen the basic principles of pluralism around the world as the best defense against anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry.

Enhance the quality of American Jewish life by helping to ensure Jewish continuity and deepen ties between American and Israeli Jews”

“Who We Are,” (accessed Oct. 12, 2007)

International think-tank
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