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American Conservative Union (ACU) Biography

Pro to the question "Is the ACLU Good for America?"

“National Security vs. Civil Liberties: Finding a Balance – American Conservative Union (ACU) & American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Join Forces in Effort to Protect and Preserve Americans’ Civil Liberties.”

ACU, Apr. 10, 2003


“Whether fighting for lower taxes and less government spending, supporting more effective and efficient military protection, or defending the cause of freedom worldwide, the American Conservative Union seeks to promote the national conservative movement and to be the conservative voice in Washington.”

“About Us,” ACU website (accessed Oct. 31, 2007)


“ACU’s purpose is to communicate and advance the goals and principles of conservatism through one multi-issue, umbrella organization. ACU’s Statement of Principles expresses our commitment to a market economy, the doctrine of original intent of the framers of the Constitution, traditional moral values, and a strong national defense.”

“About Us,” ACU website (accessed Oct. 31, 2007)

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