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Abba P. Lerner, PhD Biography

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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Distinguished Professor, Economics at Florida State University
  • Recipient, Rockefeller Fellowship, 1937
  • Assistant Lecturer, London School of Economics, 1935-1937
  • PhD, Economics, London School of Economics, 1943
  • BSc, Economics, London School of Economics, 1932
  • Died Oct. 27, 1982
  • Born in Bessarabia, Russia on Oct. 28, 1903
  • Developed the Lerner Index which measures potential monopoly power as the negative inverse of demand elasticity
  • Developed the Lerner symmetry theorem which states that an import tariff can have the same effects as an export tax
  • Improved a formula of Alfred Marshall, now known as the Marshall-Lerner principle
  • Developed a model of market socialism known as the Third Way
  • Taught at over a half-dozen universities in his career
  • Launched the Review of Economic Studies
  • Worked as a machinist, a teacher in Hebrew schools, and as a businessman, London East End, United Kingdom
Quoted in:
  1. Should the ACLU Defend Free Speech Rights of White Supremacists?