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          Q:  Is the ACLU Good for America?
Issue: Right to Privacy
          Q:  Does the Hyde Amendment, Prohibiting the Use of Federal Funds for Abortions and Allowing Health Care Professionals to Refuse to Perform Abortions, Conflict with Women's Reproductive Rights?
          Q:  Do Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws Infringe on Minors' Rights and Endanger Their Health?
          Q:  Should "Partial-Birth" (Third Trimester) Abortion Be Banned?
          Q:  Does the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" (UVVA), Protecting Fetal Rights, Threaten Abortion Rights?
          Q:  Does the ACLU Protect the First Amendment Rights of Abortion Protesters?
       Birth Control
          Q:  Should Employers Be Required to Provide Health Insurance Coverage for Contraceptive Services and Supplies?
          Q:  Would Mandatory Parental Notification Laws Regarding Contraceptive Prescriptions Negatively Affect Teenage Girls' Health?
          Q:  Should Health Care Workers Be Required to Offer Emergency Contraceptives (aka Plan B or the "Morning After Pill") to Victims of Sexual Assault?
          Q:  Does Abstinence-Only Education Work?
       DNA Database
          Q:  Should Employers and Insurance Companies Be Allowed to Gain Access to Our Genetic Information?
          Q:  Should the Government Be Allowed to Collect DNA Samples from Non-Violent and Non-Convicted Offenders?
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